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Culp’s Specialties is located in Shreveport, Louisiana, at the Downtown Municipal Airport (DTN). His projects are as varied as his imagination and include three aircraft of his own design: the Culp’s Special, WWI Culp Sopwith Pups, and the oversized MonoCulp, all powered by the venerable 360-hp Russian M14-P radial engine.. In addition to the new designs, the shop is also filled with historical restoration projects including a WWII Russian Polikarpov Po-2 biplane and a gull-wing Stinson.

Culp is a champion race car and airplane builder who has won a number of awards and commendations for his designs. Now, he plans to use that knowledge of fabrication to create motorcycles in the same vein as his airplanes. His bikes will be unlike anything else on the road today; retro-looking but with modern performance. Steve knows what style and performance he likes and he knows how to create it!

Building motorcycles is just another chapter in a fascinating life. After 24 years as a successful automobile restorer, race car fabricator and race car driver, Steve began flying and never looked back. He continues to fly with the motorcycles, only lower and with a PowerPlus 100 Indian engine instead of an M14P radial.